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Who is SLIBA

The Sri Lanka Insurance Brokers Association (SLIBA) is the central organization for all registered insurance brokers in Sri Lanka. SLIBA is involved with elevating the status of its membership, safeguarding and advancing their interests whilst enhancing their general efficiency, technical knowledge and professional conduct. The organization aims to foster a class of insurance intermediaries who are technically competent, professional in their outlook and conduct, which the insuring public can depend on in accessing truly independent and expert insurance services and advice.

Among the objectives of SLIBA is the training and education of insurance brokers, to scrutinize legislation which effects the operations of the insurance industry, to act as an arbitrator between Members on disputes relating to the practice of insurance and to shape future positive development of the industry and SLIBA.

Membership in SLIBA is mandatory for the granting and the annual renewal of the license given to members by the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka which governs and regulates the industry.